Your projects

Projects About #

i. Three Dots Menu #

Each project and scene has a Three Dots Menu, that allows you to:

  • Rename your project/scene.
  • Create an exact copy of it using the Duplicate Option.
  • Delete your project/scene.

ii. Information Menu #

When a project is clicked, an Information Menu containing all the project-related data appears on the left.

Opening a Project #

You can open an existing project either by:
– Clicking the “Open” button from the information menu.
– Double-clicking the Project from the “Project List”

Once the project is clicked, you can find:

  1. Project Name
  2. Scene Name
  3. “New Scene” Plus-Sign Button.

i. Opening an Existing Scene #

You can open any scene in one of two modes

  1. Edit Mode:
    The scene will open in the Engine to edit and develop.
  2. Play Mode:
    The scene will open directly in the Play Mode.

ii. Creating a New Scene #

  • Press the “Plus Sign” indicating the “New Scene” Button.
  • Type-in the name of the required scene.
  • Press “Create”, and the scene will automatically open in the engine to edit.

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