Description #

Once you are inside the Edit Mode, you are ready to start developing your 3D Game.

Structure #

  1. Scene Navigation and Perspective
  2. Add 3D objects to your scene using the library.
  3. View and navigate between all scenes of your project.
  4. Access different gaming tools.
  5. Choose a suitable environment for your scene.
  6. View and edit the Hierarchy of the placed objects.
  7. Change the Snap and Grid of your scene.
  8. Edit the general settings.
  9. Return to the Home Dashboard
  10. Interact with the objects through the Action Bar, or through direct object interaction.

Scene Information Bar #

The bar at the very bottom of your screen provides the necessary data of the scene you are currently editing.

  1. Scene Name
  2. Environment Name.
  3. Last Saved Time and Date.

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