Technology Education

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Our vision is to transform the educational process, step by step, to be more of an amusing and interesting, yet useful, experience.  Students will get the opportunity to take an immersive, interactive and entertaining journey through their scientific curriculum.  The learning process is then expected to be massively enriched, opening new boundaries for professors and students at the same time, in participation and interaction. Not only will students get better understanding of what they are taught, but their creativity and innovative capabilities is expected to grow exponentially.

In traditional instructional environments, students are expected to learn by listening to an instructor lecture. While the Chinese philosopher Confucius said: “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand”. Current educational methodology confirms that the students are better able to understand, retain new concepts by doing; which happens when they are actively involved in constructing that knowledge. They will be able to grasp the concept if they are allowed to interact and explore the new information and investigate it from every possible aspect. This calls for a new instructional method which fosters the learning process, giving the student the space to do and learn as opposed to the traditional instructional method which has predictable outcomes.

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Explaining science and delivering it in a pleasant way to students is not an easy task. Consequently, improving the education quality starts first by changing the way of delivering such complex concepts; trying to present them to the students in an attractive, entertaining and challenging way. Student engagement in learning enables the attainment of skills, thus enhancing the employ-ability of the students. Integrating gamification in the learning process has the following advantages: Better learning experience as the student can experience “fun” during the game and still learn AND Instant feedback, so that learners know their current progress by getting info on what they know and what they should know. Visualization help students better understand complex educational concepts. Imagine seeing a real 3D heart model or examining a real scale model of solar system instead of just reading about them in books.


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When we decided to show our Virtual Reality Experiences that we have Created: Voyager-1, Flame Test Experiment and Solid-State Physics. Our first event was Maker Faire Cairo 2016, where we exposed our education VR educational Experiences. We wanted to show everyone that Virtual Reality could have another dimension which is education. People were fascinated by the experiences we showed them. Virtual Reality was known for its use in Games and entertainment but we shifted this during the event and we got feedback from everyone about our experiences who has different backgrounds.

Children and adults react differently to the VR content, each have their own questioning about the experiences. And this was due to the new perspective of education that is new to everyone. Some of the parents comments was: “WOW, I wish I have learned science at school by VR”. on of the Student at university comments was: “I have always wished to see chemistry at atomic level, I understood the electron cloud.”. Finally, a 13 years old girl comment was: “Will I learn by VR any soon?”.

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Alexandria Language School

Our first trial with interactive experience with children at school was at Alexandria Language School. This school made us have the opportunity to understand the impact on education using the Virtual Reality. Some of the students where so interested to try it out, some others were neutral to it. The impact we saw was unexpected and it was positive because most students where trying out the Space – Game, where they have to arrange planets in the correct form. All of them knew the planets from their normal study and they were so happy they saw them in VR.

There was a student who was familiar with the VR and started to play the game in finished it only in a couple of minutes. Another student wanted to keep playing and keep interacting during his VR session.

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Rate LIVIT’s Expereince

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Was it a good mix between
Education & Entertainment?

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