For Loop

Description #

A flow control block that allows code to be executed repeatedly based on a down/up integer counter.

Time Based #

This is a Time-Based block (takes time to execute and holds the code sequence following it until it finishes executing).

Inputs #

This block has 2 Inputs:

  • Sequential Input.
  • Integer: which receives an Integer Value to override the Counter Value.

Outputs #

This block has 3 Outputs:

  • Loop Body: Connects to the sequence of the code to be repeated inside the loop.
  • Loop Done: Connects to the Sequence of code to be executed when the counter equals 0 (after finishing the For Loop).
  • Current Counter: Returns the current value of the counter.

Options #

Counter: The initial value of the counter before entering the For Loop. If connected to an Integer Input, it overrides the value of the Counter.

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