Interacting with the Code Script

Close and Save Options #

On pressing the “Close” button, you have 2 options:

i. Save & Close #

To save any changes made to the code and close LSPE.

ii. Close without save #

To close LSPE without saving any changes to the code.

Copy and Paste Scripts #

This features allows you to copy all the code of a script, and paste it inside another script of the same GameObject or another GameObject

  1. Press Copy to copy the script to your clipboard.
  2. Press Paste on the script where you want the code to be copied to.

i. Demo #

Import and Export #

A Script can be exported to your computer and saved in the format of “Object Code”, and then imported to another project or scene if needed.

Multiple Scripts #

i. Creating a New Script #

A GameObject can have multiple scripts of code to be executed in parallel during run-time, and each game object can contain up to 5 scripts.
To add a new script press the “Plus” sign beside the current script.

ii. Deleting a Script #

You can delete a secondary script by simply pressing the “X” sign beside the script name.

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