Add Camera

Description #

This feature adds another camera to the scene.

Inspector Menu #

1. Projection #

  • Perspective
    – Perspective projection gives you a view that is the most realistic. 3D models are shown as if you are looking at them with a human eye.
    – Perspective projection is used in most cases unless you need a specific feature of orthographic projection.

    To learn more about perspective projection, click here.

  • Orthographic
    – Orthographic projection is used for its accuracy in measurements and scale.
    – This projection does not give you a realistic view and it does not show depth.

    To learn more about orthographic projection, click here.
    Here is a quick comparison between Perspective and Orthographic projection.

2. Play Mode View #

  • First Person View
    -The camera view is similar to the viewpoint of a character.

    To learn more about the first-person view, click here.

  • Free View
    – The camera will be able to move freely as if you are in edit mode in the engine.

  • Cinematic
    – Camera movement can only be controlled by code.

3. Camera View #

A quick preview of how the camera view will look like in play mood.

Play mode interaction #

Depends on the Play Mode View.

  • In First Person View, you can move the camera using the (W, A, S, D) keys and jump using the Space key.
  • In Free View, you can move the camera using the same navigation controls in edit mode.
  • In Cinematic, you cannot interact with the camera as it can only be controlled by code.

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