Change Color

Description #

Change the color of an object after a specific event instead of doing it manually from the Inspector Menu of the object.

Time Based #

Not a time-based block (won’t take time to finish execution).

Inputs #

This block has 2 Inputs:

  • Sequential Input.
  • GameObject: The game object to change the color of. If connected to a game object it overrides the game object you are writing the code inside. If not, by default, it is the object you are writing code inside.

Outputs #

This block has only one Sequential Output.

Options #

  • Parts: The parts to be changed (Some objects can change the color of a specific part)
  • Material: The material used.
  • Color: The target color of the object.

Example #

Cube-1 will be a child of Cube-1-1 when Cube-1 enters TriggerBox-1.

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