Play Ground

The Play Ground is the area where the Robot Executes the created Code Sequence.

1. Timer #

The Timer displays the current run-time of the code execution during the play-mode.

2. Environment Name #

The Playground provides several diverse and interactive environments in which the robot can execute the code.
You can select the Environment according to the requirements of the project from the market icon in the Tool-Bar.

3. Full Screen / Shrink #

This options allows expanding the play-ground to fit the whole screen, or shrink it to fit a small part of the edit-mode.

4. Minimize #

This option minimizes the playground for a better view of the coding area.

5. Driving Mode #

This option switches between the manual-driving mode. in which the user can control Qubi using the arrow keys, and the automatic driving mode, in which Qubi follows the coding provided.

6. Camera Perspective #

There are three different camera views of the playground.

  • The first is viewing the map from the robot’s eyes.
  • The second is viewing the map from behind the robot.
  • The third is an elevation view of the whole map.
The First View
The Second View
The Third View

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