Blocks Categories

Overview #

Inside the Code Editor, the Code Blocks are organized into different categories for easier access and more efficient coding experience.

1. Event Blocks #

Any code sequence must start with an Event Block. Event Blocks are used to execute the code that follows them when a certain event happens during runtime.

2. Movement Blocks #

These blocks are used to perform motion related actions such as driving or turning.

3. Sensing Blocks #

This category contains all blocks controlling Qubi’s Sensors.

4. Operations Blocks #

These Blocks control the drawing Pen and the Timer of Qubi.

5. Data Blocks #

These blocks are used to add different types of constant values to your code.
Tip: These blocks are not variables, they are used as inputs to blocks that require data inputs.

6. Flow Control Blocks #

This category contains conditioning, looping and wait blocks.

7. Operator Blocks #

This category contains counters and arithmetic operators such as: add, multiply, …, etc., and logic operators: And, Or, Not.

8. Console Blocks #

This category contains all the blocks related to Qubi’s Console.

9. Variables Blocks #

These blocks are used to create variables of different data types, set and get them inside the code.

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