Action Bar #

The Action Bar contains the UI Elements Interaction Tools.

1. Undo #

To cancel your last command and revert back to the state before it.

2. Duplicate #

To make an identical copy of the object.

3. Delete #

To delete the object from the scene.
Note: You can also delete the object by pressing the “Delete” button on your keyboard.

4. Code Editor #

To open the code scripts of the selected Element in LSPE.

5. Redo #

To reverse the action of Undo.

Multi Selection #

To select multiple-object at once you can:

  • Hold Left Click and select the group of objects.
  • Hold CTRL and select objects one at a time.

Save and Close Options #

1. Save #

To manually save your current progress in the scene.

  • Saving is done on the cloud.
  • An autosave feature is always enables in the UI editor.

2. Close Options #

i. Save & Close #

To save any changes made to the UI and close the Editor.

ii. Close without Save #

To close the Editor without saving any changes made to the UI.

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