Welcome to Livit Studio

Livit Studio is a project-based software tool for young creators to develop their own Virtual/Augmented Reality and Virtual Robotics Applications relying on Visual Programming.

The Software Tool Consists of Three Engines:

XR Engine #

The XR Engine is an easy tool for kids to create full 3D Environments and then convert them to immersive VR & AR applications with the aid of Block Coding at a click of a button.

Qubi #

Qubi is a fully integrated solution for Robotics, applied virtually on our own significant robot, Qubi, in different 3D Environments with built in sensors imitating real-life robots.

Qubi Kids #

Qubi Kids provides an easy fun Virtual Robotics tool for pre-readers.

The Documentation #

This Documentation will guide you around Livit Studio Engines, providing a quick and easy description on each tool menu and option, starting by the Home Dashboard, passing by developing your game in the Edit Mode, up to converting it to an immersive 3D game in the Play Mode!

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