Add Text

Description #

A non-interactive custom text that can be added anywhere in your scene in different fonts, styles and shapes.
As an example, you can use texts to explain game commands, or annotate objects as walls, ground, …, etc.

Inspector Menu #

1. Attached to #

Refers to the parent to which this object is attached to.

2. Text Body #

The Text Body contains the text content and different text formatting.

  • The Text-Styling options: Bold – Italic – Underline
  • The Horizontal-Alignment options: Left – Middle – Right
  • The Vertical-Alignment options: Up – Center – Down

3. Text shape #

Contains different shapes to change the border of your text.

4. Colors #

  • Font Color: The color of the text itself.
  • Speech Outline Color: the color of the text-border outline.
  • Background Colo: the color of the text-box background surrounded by the outline.
A quick demo showing the different categories of colors.

Play mode interaction #

You cannot interact directly with Texts in the play-mode as they behave like still images. However, you can change the text displayed during run-time using coding.

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