Tool Bar

1. Dashboard #

To return to the dashboard.

2. Save #

To save your project.
Note: there is an AutoSave automatically done on the cloud.

3. Import #

To import a saved project from your device.

4. Export #

To export a copy of your project on your device.

5. Name Bar #

You can display your project name from this bar.

6. Duplicate #

To duplicate the selected code block.

7. Delete #

To delete selected code block.

8. Clear #

To clear the whole coding area.

9. Undo #

To undo the previous action.

10. Redo #

To redo the previous undone action.

11. Play #

To enter the execution mode.

12. Stop #

To stop the execution of the code.

13. Snapshot #

Creates a screenshot of your code to be saved locally on your PC.

14. Zoom In/Out #

To zoom in and out in the coding area.

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